Forum for Daily Drafts & Dialogues Writers

Let’s use this space to build our virtual writing community for Daily Drafts & Dialogues writers.


The forum below is strictly for writers who want to discuss their writing related to the writing prompts and blog posts published in Daily Drafts & Dialogues each day and week. In this forum, you can and should share:

  • More information about what you’re doing, reading, or writing for each weekly writing prompt on the Daily Drafts & Dialogues blog
  • Questions asking for advice or input from other writers to help you complete each week’s writing prompt
  • Drafts you’ve written for each writing prompt

Guidelines and Rules

  • Be kind and courteous. Spam, hate speech, or bullying of any type will NOT be permitted.
  • Solicitations for products, services, organizations, or donations will NOT be permitted.
  • Please try to give as much as you take in this forum so that all users benefit from participating.
  • To offer feedback to improve our forum, or to report a major issue or concern, submit a message using the form below. You should receive a response within 2-3 days if not sooner.

Forum for Daily Drafts & Dialogues Writers

Step 1– Find and click on a Sub-Forum created for a writing prompt shared on Daily Drafts & Dialogues (New writing prompts are shared on the blog every Monday).

Step 2– Add a “New Topic” with a relevant subject line that’s easy to understand and find so that you can create a post to engage with other users about the writing prompt. React to and comment on others’ topics and posts too.

Step 3– Subscribe to all topics you’re interested in following.

Step 4– Click on “Activity” on the toolbar at the top to see the latest posts shared in the forum.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FORUM IS STILL IN BETA MODE. To help improve it, submit feedback in the message form above.

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Forum for Daily Drafts & Dialogues Writers

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