Dialogue on Writing: Chick Lit or Women's Fiction

What Exactly Is “Chick” Lit” or “Women’s Fiction”? Are Their Designations Sexist?

Before I began writing a draft for this week’s writing prompt, Write a Few Paragraphs or More Of Chick Lit or Women’s Fiction… After Learning More About Each Genre, I needed to learn more about what exactly “Women’s Fiction” and “Chick Lit” are first. And what I discovered wasn’t too surprising. But did prompt some important questions that need to be asked.  

Writing a Journal Entry on Black History

What Makes a Written Black History Come Alive?

As I read Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African America 1619-2019 to complete my journal entry for this week’s writing prompt, I really do feel as if I’m reading a “cohesive and connected narrative with strikingly different—yet unified—voices. A choir.”(p. xv) And as I read Four Hundred Souls, I sense how this is an attribute of written Black History that can make it truly come alive in the present— this profound quality of an extremely diverse yet connected community with distinct yet unified voices, the attribute of a choir of voices. A choir filled with “sopranos”, “altos”, “tenors”, and others, who come together to make history soulful, and a soulful history.

questions for writing prompt for impeachment trial

Is an Impeachment Trial Inherently Biased and Political?

I’m still mulling over this week’s writing prompt: Write an Unbiased Essay on Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial. And, honestly, I’m wondering if it’s possible. Why? Because I’m also asking myself: is an impeachment trial inherently biased and political? Is there a way to have an impeachment trial without party politics swaying its proceedings and verdict? 


What Makes a Letter Necessary and Timeless Right Now?

What makes a letter captivating? Valuable? Timeless? Is its inherent value defined by its writer’s identity or style? By an important historical moment that’s captured? Or something else more ephemeral and less palpable?

Why should we write a letter of love, admiration, or solace now, when it’s so easy to just pick up a smartphone and text or video chat with someone at a moment’s notice?